5 Must - Have Shoes in Your Closet!

"A woman can be sexy, charming, witty or shy with her shoes."
                                      - Christian Louboutin

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A woman can never have enough shoes and given that they are so drool-worthy, we end up buying numerous pairs and such is the number that they don’t fit in the shoe rack. I know, story of our lives. However,  we totally understand how hard it is to resist those pretty pairs, so here are the 5 types of shoes that is a must have.

1. Kitten Heels 

Tad more comfortable and gorgeous, these will save you the crazy pin prick that a stilettoe often gives. The perfect butt lift with the comfort is all a woman can ask for, so just get that heel you saw at the mall the other day.They are god sent when it comes to walking and slaying simultaneously. These can be worn anywhere and with anything so yay!

2. Mules 

Mules are all the rage in the fashion world right now. Comfortable, easy going and RAD, they are the ultimate when it comes to comfort and style. Mules super easy to carry, also they are versatile. From bows to floral work to just basic they are just sassy!

3. Slip On's

Your feet will be forever indebted to you for purchasing this. Slip on's are by far effective, comfortable and easy to get your work done kinda shoes. Be it office or grocery shopping, one can pull this off anytime of the day. They come in different styles, holographic, glittery, snakeskin and wall shades of fancy. If you're feeling basic, white slip on's are perfect. Just put these on, channel your inner Gigi and take on the world!

4. Sandals 

 The best option any given day. If you do not have this, you should immediately rush to the store. Like now. Open or closed, they are the most comfortable pair of shoes. While comfort is a huge factor, fret not for sandals are stylish and can be paired with anything, right from jeans to maxi dresses to skirts, or take them with you to the beach.

5. Boots

Winter is coming, like literally. Stock up on these cuties as they are a must have. The perfect feet warmers, also adds as a great style statement. They are an investment you will never regret making. If you're wondering, yes they can be worn casually as well. You might want to explore more variety though!

Now, Get in loser. We're going shopping!

Images: Pinterest


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