6 Ways To Get The Perfect Head Start For Work!

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." 

                                      - Mark Twain
 Most of us fail to get the perfect head start and hence we end up gloomy and stuck up by the middle of the day. For some of us, it is almost impossible to function properly and we hate the Monday blues. To make things tad more easier, we bring to you the 6 ways to get the perfect head start for work.

This 6 step routine will help you get the kick you require to pull you through the day. Make you tad more sorted, and help you be the 'BAWSE' that you are!

1. Planning

Plan out your day out the previous night and jot it down. Time yourself accordingly, and without further ado put an alarm for the next morning and crash. Having everything noted down, will give you a sense of security and you will have that mental peace.

2. A Glass of Water

The first thing to do after the alarm has gone off is to pull yourself out of the bed and drink a huge glass of cold water. This will help you wake help and of course, refresh your system and make you feel hydrated.

3. Stretch Those Muscles

Here is the toughest bit - Yes, we all hate working out. What you can possibly do is stretch your muscles a bit, do a bit of yoga in your balcony or patio.Don't take more than 30 minutes. If, you are the active kind, you can go for a 30 minute run/light workout session to keep yourself up and running for the day. This movement will pump more oxygen into your blood making you feel active.

4. Chill Playlist

This one can really set the tone of the day. Put on a chill playlist that will help you get ready in a breeze. Music can really set our day and put on something that makes you feel happy and positive. It is also much easier to get work done with music on, than without it.

5. Breakfast

Breakfast is most definitely the most important meal of the day and you should NOT skip this step. If you are someone who cannot deal with food in the morning, we suggest you stick to liquid protein, e.g smoothies/shakes. For others, try grabbing an oatmeal/smoothie bowl, or even fruits.

6. Put Your Clothes Out

You will be amazed at the amount of time you will save with this hack. Put out your clothes for work the night before and you will save a huge chunk of time. We spend so much time in front of the mirror doing - undoing our clothes in the morning and that is tiring. Anyway, our brain really does not function much in the mornings without that kick from caffeine, so selecting out the clothes before hand makes it 10 x times easier.

Now that you know this 6 step hack, own the day!

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