7 Perks Of Dating a Bibliophile!

I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn't matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together. 
                                                      - JULIA ROBERTS 

Bibliophiles make an interesting partner due to the sole reason that they are deep and knowledgeable.
They come across as one of the best mates for a relationship and can inflict a lot of positivity around. If you think they are plain jane and geeky, we give 7 perks of dating them!

1. Refined Taste

The exposure to varied subjects inculcate a refined taste in almost anything. Blessed you are if you have a partner like that. You guys are sure to go out on the best and creative dates. Given the patience, your partner might walk that extra mile just for you!

PS: They are usually die hard romantics.

2. Understanding

All a partner can ask for is an understanding significant other. The sense of reasoning due to the fair share of reading books would immensely help you guys develop a mature relationship with time as your mate is understanding individual. According to Anne E. Cunningham, the visiting associate professor in cognition and development in the graduate school of education at The University Of California, Berkeley researched in the cognitive and motivational processes and the consequences of reading skill and engagement which says that reading can exponentially increase the cognitive range and carry profound implications for the development of a wide range of cognitive capabilities.

3. Creative

You do not have to rack your brain and go crazy about your dates cause' your partner would have something up their sleeve already. 
Stay rest assured that you are going to like it because they take out the time to know you well as bibliophiles make excellent observers. 
And that's not all, reading literature may result in greater creativity and less rigid thinking, according to new study by University of Toronto scholars and lead researcher professor Maja Djikic. People who are regular readers are more creative thinkers and less prone to being judgmental. The study also suggests that reading literary fiction is a way to become more open-minded.

4. Patience

Bibliophiles are very patient in nature and they try to access things in a logical manner. He would dedicate time to his relationship and give you the space you require as an individual. Their sense of patience comes from their habit of reading a lot of books and they make very good listeners.

5. Inquisitive

Your partner will likely be inquisitive due to obvious reasons and trust me that is something really good. Because of their bookish nature, they would love to know everything about you and how adorable is that? Just like they carefully try to understand every character that they read or come across. They spend a lot of time and effort into deducing the complexities of a character or person, so what makes you think that your partner will not be interested in knowing more about you? It is almost like a treasure hunt for them, exciting and interesting.

6. Mature

Reading can induce a lot of maturity and understanding in individuals and this is exactly what one needs – a partner who’s mature. Bibliophiles are mature individuals and they have an amazing capability to deal with situations without letting things get in between. Their fair share of experiences that they have gained from the books or even in their life leave them with a room full of ideas to deal with the given situation. Their maturity is something you should totally dig because they definitely can help in saving a sinking ship, if ever.

7. Calm

Because they love reading books, they also like tranquil state of mind. This makes them a more calm and assertive person. Even though you might have to leave them alone in their space for a given time, it is for their own good. They do not act whimsically and like to think through a situation and keep their cool. A great quality that is to be cherished in a partner.

Now go find your significact other, if you haven't already!

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