IMO :: 8 Badass Miranda Priestly Moments!

"Fashions fade, Style is eternal"
                                    - Yves Saint Laurent 

The Devil Wears Prada is an iconic movie that talks of the fashion world in a professional-casual manner and oh! didn't we all love that Runway life there. One of the most successful movies ever made, it was directed by David Frankel and produced by Wendy Finerman. It is based on the 2003 novel by Lauren Weisberger’s that goes by the same name.

The movie completed 11 years and nothing has really changed. We love it just as much, if not more.The iconic Miranda-Andy duo is something that is etched in our memory for times to come. On this occasion, we bring to you 8 badass Miranda Priestly moments from this classic!

1. "Details of your incompetence do not interest me"

Straight of the bat, Emily is drowned in work as soon as Miranda reaches the office. Her charisma, and her no nonsense attitude is what we love. Miranda slays from the very first scene. Oh and did we mention? She can roast real good. Ref. to Point 4 for more.

2. "Is there some reason my coffee isn't here?"

Miranda means serious business and she does not start her day without her Starbucks. We love how casually she express her disappointment at not getting her coffee early morning at office. Her casual way of putting it is absolutely hilarious.

3. "Please bore someone else with your questions"

Poor Andy! Day 1 and Miranda already had her getting warmed up. Andrea Sachs practically had no idea of how Miranda likes her work done and so yep! Too many questions are a total no-no. This was such an "ouch" moment for us.

4. "From a pile of stuff"

Although, we would like to admit that nothing beats this scene. The way Miranda roasted Andy was savage. We do sympathize with Andy but the boss lady was at her best here. Now you know, Miranda is not someone you can mess with!

5. "Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking"

Right? This dialogue is probably one of the best from the movie. We were biting our nails at that team meeting at work because bawse lady sure does discard all the ideas apart from the Testino Shoot at Gucci Garden idea by Nigel and we must give in, Nigel was LIT af. However, florals for spring was truly groundbreaking.

6.  "It's just drizzling"

We don't think there could be another boss as savage as this woman here. Yes, it was a thunderstorm in Chicago and Miranda being Miranda, you get it right? Haha. Poor Andy couldn't get a flight for Miranda and got grilled the very next morning. Drizzling, right?

7. "Move at a glacial pace"

She hates it when you waste her time, so don't. Just keep moving, and get the job done. Miranda personifies professionalism, and no matter what she keeps it together for the sake of work. Even when we see that her marriage is falling apart (yet again), she keeps it together and plays along because she has a dinner to attend.

8. "That's All"

We had to keep the best one to round off this article so, y'know. This classic one liner is probably why we're so obsessed with her. But anyway, Miranda has spoken. That's all!

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