Casual Wear at Work - DECODED

                         "The joy of dressing is an art"
                                                                   - John Galliano

Let's start with how we dress up for work - it's either neutrals, or formals and that's that. It is usually not the case where we would want to dress up and stand out like a chameleon!

It sure does get boring to wear the same kinda clothes 5 days or 6 days a week so we decided to come up with an ensemble that would not necessarily harm the office decorum and you can still still have fun and look dapper as ever.

Office wears are notoriously famous for their boring shabby look and so we decided to elevate it just a little bit so that you can be at office and still feel like the diva that you are, keeping in mind the whole aesthetics and the social media madness in our lives.

T H E    L O O K

I decided to pair this white shirt with these printed culottes for a more relaxed yet formal feel. The white shirt is self explanatory. The only spin to this look is the printed culottes which I think did the job just fine. Normally, slim fit trousers or jeans are the usual go-to, but this pair of trousers are simply amazing. Soft and breezy, they totally pull of the casual wear at work vibes, and it's not essentially ripped or rugged so your boss won't send you back home.

To finish the look, I just paired some black flats from H&M, and this black everyday bag is from Accesorize which goes with any look because black is such a statement colour!
For blings, I was sporting a rose gold watch and a chunky chain from KOOVS .

We did not want to create a very detailed look because what we had in mind was something casual Something that you can wear to office in the morning, and wear the same thing to a cafe or a lounge later in the evening to unwind with folks. We feel that this look would go both ways, without taking away the spotlight from the person donning it. Also, the accessory bit is totally optional. You can totally just wear studs, or a petite chain or midi rings to slay this look.

PS : Keep the makeup to a bare minimum and use warm honey undertones with a nude lip.

C'mon now, get those cameras out.

Images : Shounak Ray


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