This Co-Working Space Is Redefining The Work Culture At Calcutta!

In the age of the millennial, a lot of changes are being ushered in across various levels of the socioeconomic scenery. From the capsule hotels in Japan to the open air offices in the Silicon Valley, we have witnessed a lot of innovative ideas take birth in the last one and half decades across the globe. One such concept which has found many takers across the world since its inception barely a decade ago is the concept of a co-working space. 

The idea of a co-working space fundamentally differs from that of a business incubator or serviced office facility. This is not a brick and mortar structure where people can only go to work alone but also a place of ideas, collaborations and personal networking to blossom. It is a way of working that facilitates people of similar values and mentality to work independently as well as synergize with each other. At a time, when more and more people are gravitating towards the idea of being entrepreneurs, work-at-home professionals or just travelling for business, this is a creative solution that brilliantly caters to all their needs. 

Co-working spaces not only provide respite from the monotony of isolation that most work-at-home freelancers face, but also give the new age start-ups the convenience of having a fully functional work space at the fraction of its cost. This is especially beneficial from the environmental point also, as it encourages sharing of different facilities leading to an optimum use of available resources. The concept has struck a chord with large corporations as well as the regular working individuals. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has found this as an attractive option to increase office space in Shanghai, a city where space is at a premium. All these factors have contributed to roughly doubling of the available co-working spaces each year in the span of the last decade.

This innovative idea has finally found its way to this part of the world thanks to this amazing co working space called My Cube. Located near the heart of the traditional business district in the city, My cube offers excellent co-working space for all freelancers, start-ups and business travellers alike. This place boasts of a centralized location which offers easy transport options, coupled with convenient timings for the working professionals, opening their door at 10 in the morning till 8 in the evening. Already creating quite a buzz in the business circuit in Calcutta, My Cube is welcoming more people who are looking for a chilled out work space for individual use or an invigorating one for meetings, collaboration and networking. It has the urban vibe which strikes the right balance between quirky and professional. 

This place has a positive aura which very contagious. The place with its vibrant colours create an atmosphere that is truly motivating and would push you to put your best foot forward.. We love the interiors, and every corner seems to be radiating the same positive energy. It is truly a place worth working out from.

With four different options to choose from, My cube successfully caters to the needs of any like minded folk, be it a blogger, a fashion designer, a restaurateur or a group of people who need a place to ideate and collaborate. This is the work place of the future, a place that’ll help you invigorate the inner entrepreneur that even you didn't know of! It is a great switch from the mundane 10-5 cubicle office hours jobs - enter new age where working out of a co-working space is the rightful trendsetter. Network, ideate, market and grow - this is the true spirit of My Cube.

For more details on their working hour rates, check them out here :

We got to interact one on one with the founder of My Cube, Vandan Churiwal, who graduated in Accounting and Finance from the University of Warwick, UK and returned back to India to handle his family business. This soon led to the foundation of My Cube, because he wanted to create something that he could call his own - What better than to create income from an already existing asset. He believes that My Cube is a community where everyone gets the opportunity to network, branch out and grow together as a team or even individuals.

Vandan Churiwal - Founder, My Cube
My Cube is the ideal place for 1st generation entrepreneurs, freelancers, writers, and more such individuals to work out from. Their USP lies in their amazing connectivity savvy location, the amazing wi-fi service, and also the occasional coffee breaks whenever you feel drained!
This young entrepreneur believes that marketing is an art, where one has to sell themselves really well. He believes that selling yourself and your brand really makes that difference.
No successful business begins on a bed of roses and this one was no exception. There were initial hiccups owing to the market, they had to lower the rates due to the competition around, and currently they proudly offer the best working rates in a very vibrant, urban chic and tech savvy space. He also mentioned that they had to delay the launch of My Cube by a month's time as they had marketing difficulties due to a constrained budget but that sure did not deter them from creating a space that is affluent and downright modern in the approach.

When asked about the future plans at My Cube, he gleefully said that they plan to expand exponentially and tap the markets at Rajarhat, Salt Lake, Elgin Road to say the least by the next 5 years.

My Cube also hosts Meet n' Greet sessions that involve different brands and individuals, to develop the habit of networking amongst the community as they believe in growing together.

We were invited for one such Interactive Session on End to End Solutions in Branding and Marketing on Nov 11, 2017 which ended up being quite the learning experience for all. The following brands rested their case -

1. Brand Identity and Importance of Collaterals by Pearl Enterprises
2. Digital Marketing by Meraqi
3. Public Relations and Lifestyle Verticals by First Idea PR
4. The Art of Brand Storytelling by E Info Solutions

It was an extremely insightful and resourceful event, to say the least. The brands presented their insights about the following and it was one of the best learning experiences so far. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Vandan Churiwal for the invitation.

To conclude I would say that this place definitely gives you that extra edge over others in terms of flexibility and connectivity, and it is only a matter of time before they change the working scenario in the city!

You can find them here :
Address : Block A-11, 4th Floor, FMC Fortuna Building, 234/3A AJC Bose Road. 

Kolkata - 700020.


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