Packing Old Traditions Into Modern Bridal Wear !

Wedding is a union of two people for the rest of their lives. Well, at least that is what it is supposed to be. But in India wedding is much more than that, it’s a festivity where the entire clan comes together to celebrate a new beginning, to welcome a new member to the family.

This has been the norm across the country since millennia. But in the age of KJo films and a neo-affluent upper middle class, weddings have transcended the border from being just a social gathering and function to a strong statement of class and grandeur.

Still, irrespective of the socio-economic evolution of this beautiful coming together of two mind, body and souls, the bride remains the central attraction. It’s her big day. And all the girls grow up with a dream of having this one special day where she will be the princess and the world will be at her feet. And every princess worth her salt needs a dress to match her long cherished dream. 

Enter the bridal wear designers, the modern day fairy godmothers (sometimes godfathers as well) for all the Cinderellas out there. All the clich├ęd fairy-tale anecdotes put aside, the bridal wear designers have become an equally important part of today’s upscale weddings as the camera wielding bridal photographers.

Bridal Wear is one of the most worked on segment in fashion and we have already witnessed many well established and upcoming designers in and around the nation. But one of the well-known and much loved bridal wear designer is the humble yet very successful Karuna Deora. Just before the turn of the new millennia, she embarked on her journey through a small fashion venture and since then it has become a distinguished name in the fashion industry. It soon turned into a leading designer brand and became a household fashion name in Kolkata. Before starting her own business, she graduated from one of the most prominent fashion institutes of India and gained a lot of experience by working with some of the most eminent people from the industry.

Karuna Deora recently launched her latest Bridal Collection and we were invited to take a look at the gorgeous label that defines effortless and timeless fashion.

Although her brand is the hallmark of success and glory, she had to face her fair share of struggle and hardship before reaching the podium of success. This makes KD an inspiration for not only many young and upcoming designers, but to other aspiring women entrepreneurs. Within the span of the last two decades, the Karuna Deora Fashion House has catered to several clients from diverse industries with Kimaya and Aza being among them.

Her collection consists primarily of bridal-wear, lehengas handloom, heavy embroidery and Indo-Western fusion collection. KD’s ravishing collections embrace the true spirit of today’s womanhood, where she brings out its beautiful facets through her exciting and mesmerising designer wear.
As a designer, Karuna Deora offers an array of enchanting collections which serves as the true reflection of your inner self. She was a participant in Kolkata Extravaganza 2016 and has curated many fashion shows and has an experience of over 18 years.

Her exclusive designer collections were recently exhibited at the ‘Ravishing Wedding Awards’, which also became the highlight of the show. Karuna Deora has created her own blend of fashion which is the amalgamation of natural beauty and creativity. With the changing trends in the fashion industry, her collections bloom in to an opulent and majestic sense to deliver the highest quality of bridal wear and Indo-Western collection styles to us. She is very classy when it comes to bridal-wear and also has an amazing eye for detail, which reflects through her work.

KD believes that traditions can never go out of fashion and heritage designs, such as the zardausi, gota work and embroidery work are all here to stay. She tries to infuse a lot of old traditional styles into the new modern bridal-wear,   like designs of baraat, doli, haathi, ghora, palki and more. She is inspired by her surroundings and that is where she draws her inspiration from. Karuna Deora opines that, pastels are more in fashion when it comes to weddings these days.

After establishing her label, ‘Karuna Deora’ in the year 1999, her store KD Fashion Boutique was opened almost a decade later in 2008. It was her dream and she designed the boutique herself. The boutique is a gorgeous four storeyed beauty packed with the best bridal wear that I have personally witnessed. Absolutely stunning designs, to gorgeous ensemble in every corner - a living proof of her classy taste in aesthetics. She adds that, through her journey in the last so many years, her husband Mr. Sandeep Deora, has been a source of immense support and continues to stand by her as her ‘Rock of Gibraltar’, motivating and inspiring her to scale even greater heights.

To conclude, it was such a pleasure working with Karuna Deora, and I would take this opportunity to thank Atreya Paul, Susmita Kundu and First Idea PR. We wish her all the very best for her future endeavours and may she continue to inspire the young designers of the city.

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Picture Courtesy : Shounak Ray


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