INIFD Is Paving The Path For The Designers Of Tomorrow!

Calcutta is a cultural melting pot and the city finds its roots deeply embedded - right from modern cinema to art, fashion to literature. A fine example of this are the centres of Art & Culture that stand proudly in the heart of the city. The different colleges offering Fine Arts, Painting, Fashon Designing, Merchandising, Textiles and more.

Recently, I got an opportunity to witness something that simply was another example of how talent in embedded in the veins of this city. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Supreeta Singh PR Consultancy who invited me to over to INIFD Lindsay Street's Annual Graduating Fashion Show, "Tomorrow Makers 2018"which was hosted at Rang Durbaar, Swabhumi on Friday, February 23rd. 

The fashion show was held in the presence of the directors of INIFD Lindsay Street namely Mr John Mantosh and Mrs. Susane Mantosh along with actor Anindya Chatterjee, actress Ridhima Ghosh, managing director of Akbar-E-Mashriq Farah Haque, and fashion designers Sharbari Datta, Ayushman Mitra and Agnimitra Paul as the panel of jury.

 Mrs. Susane Mantosh said “We are proud of our students. They are exceptionally talented and like every year this batch too will achieve great heights and conquer the fashion industry in the near future,”.

The event showcased the creative collections of INIFD’s Final Year Fashion and Textile students. The fashion show serves as a platform where students can display their creative talents and voice, through design, opinions and attitudes. The evening saw 18 sequences created by students from the fashion and textile department and they were a pleasure to watch. 

The grand finale was a five sequence presentation specially curated Susan Mantosh brimming with creativity in the use of 'chikankari' thread work, namely – Blacks and Whites, Rainbow, Wildlife, Abstract, Red and Maroon and Drapes.

 Here's what the designers had to say about the Fashion Show - 

“It is a sheer pleasure to be a part of this fashion fiesta, I am impressed with the kind of creativity and sense of fashion the students displayed,” said designer Sharbari Dutta.
“It gives me immense satisfaction to see these students put in so much of effort and hard work, the excitement and the enthusiasm is unbelievable. I would like to congratulate each and everyone at INIFD Lindsay Street for putting up this great show,” said fashion designer Agnimitra Paul.

Some of the major awards were won in the following categories by Team Colony for Best Design Collection, Best Fabric Development and The Most Glamorous Stage Appeal, Team Morris in Textile won the Director’s Award, The Best Stylization Award, and The Team Classics of Terracotta for Best Fabric Development, The Best Design Collection and Most Commercial Collection. 

However, Team Shuffle took away most of the awards in categories like Best Fabric Development, Most Commercially Viable Collection, Most Innovative Collection and Best Design Collection. The award for the best performer in academics was given to Rajat Aich Sarkar, fashion, Rohwina Nandini Mehrotra, Textile and Vivek Jaiswal, Interior.

The evening of fashion extravaganza was albeit a delightful once which gave wings to these bundle of talented people who came together to create a far sighted vision which boasted of their creative genius. Indeed an amazing event to begin with, I look forward to treating myself to more such creative spin offs in the near future.


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